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grifballrvb's gameplay for King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (PC)

grifballrvb played King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

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grifballrvb said...
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This game just keeps getting funnier and funnier with the stupid random crap it keeps throwing at me. I love dying every few minutes!
King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
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Where's the "like" button?! XD

Uh... Yeah... Just randomly commenting on this... Hahhah.
how to play w/ site i dont know what im going to do
@pompoms I'm still sort of figuring it all out myself. If you go to a game's page you can add a Game Activity to it like I did for King's Quest and then that says you played it. But I don't want to do that for all of them... so I'm just going to let people assume that what I have under my profile is what I have played. xD
ok thnx lot ^_^
hahhahahah you only assume that you what you have in your profile hhahahxD
Yeah xD what I have up there though IS what I have played. Maybe not all beaten, but played a good amount of! Nice to see you've played Gunz before =o
Love that series (cept the last one...oh,well)....Roberta Williams was my hero in elementary school...hehe
@GamerGrrl814 Thanks for the comment! I'm pretty new to this series and Roberta's work in general, but she's already beginning to interest me quite a lot. I can't wait to see what else she has done, and in the process have some great gameplay experiences I've been missing out on. xD
Lol...since I can be lamefrom time to time and am unhealthily obsessed with the older, more classic pc games, I picked up the Roberta Williams Anthology quite a while back when it came out for Windows 95 or 98, or something like that. I can still play most of the games in compatibility mode, and I like to still play a lot of them from time to time. Other than the King's Quest series, she had some of the super old black and white games where it showed either just text or text and a basic picture, and it basically told you a story and had you type what you were going to do next. She also did a Laura Bow series, with game play and humor similar to King's Quest, but set in the 1920's with a hip, female detective. Roberta also did a horror game in the mid-90's (Phantasmagoria) that used live actors. It was pretty amazing for it's time, and it scared my 14 year old self at the time. Lots of good stuff....Also, if you've never played the Gabriel Knight series or the Monkey Island Series (just the first 2), you might really enjoy them. GK was done by Roberta's protege, and they were three horror/light puzzles/investigory games that had great story lines and were all so different graphics-wise that it really showed good examples of the evolution of gaming. MI was done by Lucas Arts, and it had funny Star Wars in-game jokes, lots of awesome characters, and it came out around the same time as King's Quest. I was obsessed with both as a kid. Anyways, sorry to be so long-winded....I get excited when people discover some of the great old-school games that I still can't get enough of.
@GamerGrrl814 Fantastic... I love recommendations! And it's great to hear you talk about it passionately. XD The first interactive fiction game I ever played like the very original first King's Quest games was from the Zork series, which I played a couple of, and really enjoyed... I was also thinking of purchasing the Zork Anthology and the Gabriel Knight series off of http://www.gog.com/ if you are familiar with that site. They update a lot of the older games to work on newer systems. But yes, I really appreciate your post, it will give me a lot to start with now. =D
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